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So, there was a quite a bit of big news today! I'M SO HYPED!

First off, Zelda Wii U/NX isn't going to be the only game for Nintendo systems that's gonna be shown off at E3! Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Dragon Quest VII, Monster Hunter Generations, Pokemon Sun & Moon, Yooka-Laylee, and Zero Time Dilemma will also be shown at the convention! I won't be going there, but I'll definitely get as much info as I can!

Gee, my DeviantArt page is gonna become my blog at this rate.

Anyway, look at what else just got announced!

As a fan of the Wonder Boy/Monster World series (even though I've only played one game), I AM SO HYPED FOR THIS REMAKE! I hope it comes to Wii U & 3DS!

And if that wasn't enough...

...Shaun the Sheep is coming to Super Mario Maker! YES! Too bad I don't have a Wii U, or I would already have the game.

Well, that's all for now! See you next time!

Whoops! Almost forgot that a 3DS retail version of Runbow was spotted on Amazon! I'd definitely buy that!
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Submitted on
June 2, 2016